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Hey Rat Fans

To be perfectly honest rats were never on my list of animals to photograph and in fact they're not an animal I ever give much thought to. It's said we're never more than 12 feet away from a rat but they're not something you see that often. They also have a bad press and are seen by many as dirty disease riddled pests. Until this week I'd probably have said the same if ever asked about them.

However I've changed my mind. Two rats have suddenly appeared foraging around below the feeders I've put up at work hoovering up anything the birds drop. At first I wasn't that impressed they were there but thought why not they're wildlife and actually they're really quite photogenic. And they're cleaning up the place as well.

I'm not too sure what the voles, mice and shrew might think of their new larger neighbours or even if they're a threat to them, I hope not.

They do carry disease which can be passed to humans so being careful what I touch and good hand cleaning is important if they're going to stick around.

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