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And You Thought Your Kids Were A Pain to Feed! (7 Photo's)

I seem to be coming across herons whenever I go out at the moment, and Sunday was no exception. A visit to Attenborough Nature Reserve gave me a great opportunity to see them feeding their chicks.

Another visitor pointed me to the best viewing point and when we arrived one bird was stood on the nest with two raucous chicks fighting for attention.

We didn't have to wait long for the other parent to arrive and the two adults greeted each other with head bobbing and wings outstretched.

It looked like a wizard convention!

The larger bird then flew off presumably to continue the supply of food for their growing youngsters.

The remaining bird then took the full assault of two hungry chicks desperate to get food from their parent. They roughly grabbed the parents beak and although I didn't see any food being passed they apparently regurgitate food for them. It was very aggressive and I couldn't help thinking that sometimes it's easier to grab a takeaway rather than preparing food for the kids!!

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