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What a Cracking Week Part 1 (6 photo's)

Last year I was very lucky to spend hours photographing and watching two Little owls and one of their offspring hunting, feeding and watching their world go by. Just before Christmas the farmer decided to repair the small tumbledown shed they perched on and chopped down the two trees behind which gave the owls some shelter and protection. They moved on and I hadn't seen them since until earlier this week.

Virtually as soon as I spotted the owl, before I could change any settings or even put the camera strap around my neck he dropped down into the field and grabbed a snack. He then took off and flew the length of the field. Nature doesn't have to cater to photographers!

This treat on its own would have made my day but when he flew up on to the wall I quickly discovered he was taking the snack to his mate who until then was invisible. He landed just below her and gave her lunch ( I think it was a slug or a caterpillar).

He then left her alone and let her tuck in.

A fabulous moment, a pleasure to witness and I'm so glad they have decided to stay in the area.

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