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What A Cracking Week Part 2

The day after seeing the Little Owls again, I spotted the local Kestrel and decided to follow her and see if I could get a couple of pictures. I knew where they had nested and raised chicks last year from chatting with a local resident and I was surprised to see a Kestrel nesting box had been attached to the barn where they had nested. Apparently the owners had filled in the hole used last year but had fitted the nest box in hope they would return.

As I walked down the lane I spotted the female landing on the wall opposite me so I raised my camera. I managed one sighting shot before the male arrived, so apologies for the quality!

There was no courtship, no pleasantries just mating.

And not even a cuddle when he'd finished!!!! Typical bloke.

Hopefully she will now go on to lay some eggs. I've seen the male in the nest box since so fingers crossed. An amazing moment and one of those occasions of being in the right place at the right time. I will be keeping a close eye on this pair and hopefully I'll get to see their young when they fledge.

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