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Small is Beautiful

I've recently noticed a lot of Goldcrests out and about and it's definitely one of the birds I've been hoping to get a picture of. However, being not only the countries smallest birds it's also the countries biggest fidget. In the past I've described trying to photograph them as like nailing jelly to a tree whilst wearing welders gloves and a blind fold.

I have got some really poor shots in the past which were definitely record shots and I'm not saying the following are that much better but they are definitely an improvement. These were taken at Cromwell Bottom my local nature reserve in the main feeding area, not somewhere I have ever seen one before. Not only did the bird never sit still but it was some distance away and with some leaves still on the trees a tricky target.

But as anyone who's read my kingfisher blogs knows when I get a bee in my bonnet it can take some time to be resolved. I'm guessing there'll be more of these little devils to come!

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