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It's Time to Find a Nest

For the last three years I've watched a nuthatch preparing its nest in the same hole in a tree in my local park. And it's back again this year getting it ready to welcome the next generation. Apparently nuthatches never go far from the area they were born in so they may be the same parent or one of its offspring from a previous year.

They use mud to reduce the size of the hole to protect the eggs and young from predators such as magpies or woodpeckers.

This wasn't the only one I saw at the weekend enjoying the sunshine and the start of Spring.

Down in the wood I watched a pair flitting from one potential nest site to another like a pair of newly weds selecting a home. There were three possible sites they flew in and out of in close proximity to each other so it'll be interesting to see which one becomes home. They then proceeded to mate as if to seal the deal!

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