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I seem to have a habit of spotting a bird or animal and then fixating on it till I get a decent shot. Is it just me or do all wildlife photographers behave like this. It's like having a different nemesis every week.

The treecreeper has been one of these elusive species for awhile now but spending more time in woodland rather than the banks of rivers does increase the chances of seeing them. They have amazing camouflage and blend in brilliantly with the trunks of trees on which they search for food. They have a slender down turned beak with which they probe the bark for small insects and spiders and on a couple of my pictures they seem to have a long tongue which will help wheedle out their prey.. They fly to the bottom of a tree and ascend on a circular route before flying down to the base of the next tree. They have long curved claws to help them climb and rise the tree in small hops.

From watching them recently they seem to have a number of trees they visit in turn so if you spot one hang around and see what their route is.

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