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Self Publishing with Amazon.

From a very early age I always told people that one day I’d write a book. I had no idea what about but I was going to publish a book. My photography gave me a story so about three years ago I thought why not, let’s give it a go.

Now I’m not a fan of Amazon but they do offer anyone the chance to become a published author so my book was until recently available to download and be read via the Kindle App. That all changed just before Christmas when I got an e-mail asking my why don’t I publish my book in paperback!! So why not, it was only ever I suppose a vanity project. I never expected anyone to actually buy it. But they did, and all the money raised from the sales have gone to my local nature reserve.

So I set about producing my book as a paperback. However it isn’t just a case of sending off the same files and hey presto a book appears. I spent two quite frustrating days re-sizing all the images to a higher DPI which then meant the pagination was all over the shop. I then had to design a cover and set a price. The cheapest I could sell it at was £12.99 and from that I would make the princely sum of £0.25!! Vanity can be so unrewarding.

I finally bodged it together and Amazon accepted my upload and told me my book would be able to purchase in 48 hours!! It was actually available on their site within 24 hours so I bought one using my prime account and it arrived the next day. What a totally mind blowing experience from upload to my doorstep in less than 2 days!

I bought another copy for my mum for Christmas (she was absolutely amazed) which she has been lending to all the neighbours! She just laughs when I tell her to get them to buy a copy! And to be honest I thought that would be that for the paperback. But I just checked my Amazon account and its sold a few copies as has the Kindle version, so it’s time to work on the sequel.

A Year Looking for Otters anyone?

A Year Looking for Kingfishers is available by clicking the image below.

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