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Not Quite A Swan Lake!

For the last couple of years I've visited our local boating lake to watch the cygnets arrive and grow into beautiful swans. However this year the female was recently killed in an accident and after seeing her bring 16 young into the world this year over the last three years its going to be hard to visit. The male is still on the lake and even though he doesn't have a family to protect is still patrolling and chasing off perceived threats.

The local swan rescue had to remove the three young from last year as Dad was trying to chase them off so they could prepare for a new brood, but the stroppy teenagers weren't going. After the death of the female they are looking to find a suitable replacement but as swans tend to mate for life it's a tricky situation.

I'll miss the opportunity to see them raise some more young but hopefully he can find a new partner and next year we'll see them proudly showing off their new arrivals.

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