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Doe A Deer

It’s been quite wet the last few days and the woods are muddy to say the least. It was easy to spot deer tracks so I thought I’d follow them and see what I could find. I didn’t think for a minute I’d find a deer but why not just give it a go.

After ten minutes I was about to give up and head down to the river, as I thought I’d have more chance of spotting a kingfisher, when I spotted some movement off to my right . I moved behind a tree and froze as two roe deer were grazing fairly close by.

They’d spotted me as well and quickly bounced away. I headed off in the same direction hoping to get ahead of them but not really believing I’d see them again. I cut across the wood and then doubled back and too my surprise found them, except this time there were four of them.

I didn’t notice at the time but the female below looks to have had an injury at some point with what looks like a scar on her flank.

They didn’t seem at all bothered by me even though they had definitely seen me, until a dog started barking and they bounced away blending in and quickly disappearing.

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