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Meet Ropeneck

In 2000 a female grey seal came ashore at Donna Nook to give birth to her pup but she had a problem. Wrapped tightly around her neck was some rope from discarded fishing gear which was cutting deeply into her skin. The volunteers quickly spotted her and with the help of some RAF staff they caught her and removed the rope. They named her Ropeneck and she quickly became the most celebrated seal at the colony.

She has returned to the exact spot every year since to have her pup, the scar from the rope still clearly visible around her neck. She returns around the 10th of November and gives birth around the 15th every year!

When I visited last week she was snoozing with her latest pup on the beach. She has only missed one year since she was first spotted so this is her 17th pup. She may well have arrived for a few years before her arrival with the rope made her stand out. Her pup was one of 943 new arrival when I visited, this week he is one of 1611!!

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