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Nature's Free Show

I've only ever seen a starling murmuration on TV so when I heard there was one virtually on my doorstep I had to go down and see it for myself. I had my camera with me but the mesmerising show taking place over my head meant I didn't take any pictures. Sometimes you just have to watch the show.

The flock was small to start with but within minutes others of varying size joined the moving kaleidescope. It seemed Nature was playing with iron filings and a magnet drawing them across the sky to create continually spiralling shapes and patterns. For twenty minutes the birds freewheeled like a shaken Etch A Sketch giving the watchers a black and white firework display.

And then whoosh the whole flock of maybe a thousand birds descended into a tree, their chattering the only clue to what had just happened.

I'll definitely be going back.

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