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Little Ringed Plover

On a visit to Bempton Cliffs I picked up a brochure extolling the delights of the Yorkshire Nature triangle and one of the places it recommended was just round the corner from the B+B I was staying in. It said Thornwick Pool was a good place to spot Yellow wagtails a bird I'd not seen before so off I went.

The pool is quite small but has two hides (only one was open) and although very quiet when I arrived there was some shelducks and mallards on the water with an impressive display of flying from some sand martins. In the middle of the pool I spotted a small bird which I recognised as a plover but wasn't sure which one. I've only ever seen them at a great distance so was very happy when it flew over and landed right in front of the hide allowing me to get some good photo's and also see a Little Ringed Plover up close.

These little dumpy birds whizz up and down like a wind up toy and are generally seen on the shoreline or like here around small gravel pits. They are a summer migrant which first bred in the UK in 1938 and are fairly widespread now although they are more common the further south you go. It's distinctive golden eye ring makes it easy to recognise when you spot one.

No sign of the wagtails but this little chap made the visit well worthwhile.

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