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Happy Mothers Day (especially Mrs Squirrel)

A beautiful day in Yorkshire today with the sun shining and Spring definitely in the air.

I don't generally take much notice of squirrels but one caught my eye today as I wondered what she was carrying. At first I thought she'd found something to eat but it was furry and I'm fairly sure they're vegetarian. Focusing in with my camera I realised see she was carrying a baby and she moved her way from tree to tree before stuffing the baby into a hollow in a tree!

It didn't take long before she set off again and while she sat having a quick scratch high above the youngster investigated their new home.

I kept my eye on mum as she moved back to where I'd seen her emerge with the first youngster and sure enough she was soon on her way with the next baby.

Her journey down the second time was much quicker but as she reached the new nest disaster almost struck when she nearly dropped the youngster!

Quickly grabbing it she pulled it in to the nest. I decided it was time to leave as she may have had her eye on me which had caused her to almost drop this one. I don't know if she had any more to move but I thought it best to leave her too it so she could settle them in and enjoy Mothers Day.

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