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Even More Reason to Feed the Birds

The recent snowfall across the country brought the usual road chaos and school closures and some great photo opportunities if you can safely get out and about. The local wildlife will be finding it hard in this cold snap so if you do get out why not take a bag full of seeds and nuts and reward your wildlife models.

I went to the local nature reserve and although we haven't had much snow at all, we have had a dusting followed by a couple of really hard frost, so the birds seemed really happy with the treats I'd brought.

There were six or seven robins providing the Christmas card shots and a pair of nuthatches squabbled over the peanuts.

There were plenty of bullfinches, chaffinches and tits grabbing the free food.

And of course the jays put on a good show as usual. So if you do venture out and about don't forget to take some treats and help these guys through this rough patch weather wise.

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