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If You Build It They Will Come.

As mentioned in a previous blog I'm always looking for potential perches where I think a kingfisher "should" sit. In practice it rarely seems to work so I have recently put out some perches to see what would happen. I know kingfishers are curious and have heard they will quite quickly investigate new perches. I guess with the ever changing geography of rivers and riverbanks, perches get washed away and new ones arrive so they need to investigate.

The first one I put out was soon being used but I hadn't quite thought through how or where I would be able to sit in order to take any pictures! So last Sunday I tried again and thoroughly considered my options. Fingers crossed.

Monday night the male landed on the new perch before I'd switched my camera on and then swiftly departed.

Tuesday night with camera switched on, the male arrived and departed before I could hit the shutter!!

This morning bingo!

Not only was I in situ and ready he didn't seem to even notice I was there. He sat and had a good look around seeming at one point to hear me and gave me a stare.

He then proceeded to groom himself and have a good scratch,

I couldn't believe my luck,and when he finally flew off I duly thanked him and set off for home. I'd been there less than an hour and got some of the best shots I've taken. Now all I want is the family to join him.

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